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RCX Cable


Radiation Highly Foamed Coaxial Cables (RCX) are made with a highly foamed insulation covered with slotted corrugated Copper (Cu) pipe, an external conductor.
Compared with other air‑insulation cables, they are specially designed to achieve low loss and improved VSWR and characteristic impedance. The external conductor has cylindrical or spiral corrugation to provide flexibility and prevents a snap and moisture permeation. At present, they are widely used for mobile telecommunications, including cellular phone, PCS, WLL and IMT‑2000 services.

Unlike LCX cables operating only at specific frequency bands, RCX cables operate at wide‑band frequency by slotting the external conductor of the feeder at a regular interval.



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HFX Cable

The lower transmission loss is, the higher the quality. High frequency coaxial cable (HFX) is an important criterion for high‑performance base station. It transmits input signals with low loss by connecting leaky coaxial cables (LCX, RCX) to antennas and transmission equipment.

Feeder Cables used for mobile telecommunications base station are coaxial cables with external conductors including highly foamed insulation and corrugated Cu pipe.



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LCX Cable

Leaky Coaxial Cable (LCX) allows wireless pager, cellular phone, wireless fire‑fighting telecommuni­cations, car phone, broadcast reception and wireless communications services in the areas suchas tunnels, subways, basements and underground markets, where ground radio waves can not pass. With slotted external conductor, this cable leaks the radio waves with stable characteristics.

Featuring flexibility, it provides optimum performance as a transmission media to get rid of radio wave shadow area that is generated in antenna telecommunication system.




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