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System Classic

Modular, Single or Three Phase Test Van System for Testing and Fault Location of Power Distribution Cables in Low and Medium Voltage Networks

The System Classic offers maximum variability of the instru­mentation variants of the test van system. There is a choice of two different central automatic control units to operate the modular system.

We offer the technical parameters for cable testing, surge energy for pinpointing, burning function, and sheath fault location as separate instruments, or all combined in one multi­purpose unit in single or three phase models to meet specific customer wishes.
The high‑voltage compartment contains all high‑voltage modules, discharge facilities and cable drums to connect to the test object. The access to the high‑voltage compartment is secured by a safety circuit with door contacts. The operators comportment contains all control modules.

The following prelocotion methods can be integrated into the system:
• Reflection measurement
• Active or passive ARM ‑ filter
• Impulse current method up to 32 kV
• Voltage decay up to 130 kV

Effective cable testing, maintaining the cable integrity of PE, XLPE and paper insulated cables with the patented 0.1 Hz Cosine Square Voltage, can be optionally integrated.

• Individual instrumentation with stand‑alone units or one muiti‑purpose unit
• Choice between a manual, air insulated HV‑switch or on SF6 gas insulated HV‑switch for combined mode and phase selection
• Comprehensive safety concept for the operator. Automatic avoidance of operating errors and indication and shut‑off of unsafe conditions (e. g. insufficient grounding)
• Optimised prelocation methods for longer cable distances (over 4 km) by active ARM ‑ measurement
• To extend the possibilities of a reflectometer options can be connected such as a low voltage auto‑reclosure, test unit for overhead power lines, or a mains seperotion filter
• Stand‑alone units can be removed from the frame (e. g. for servicing purposes) and can be operated individually. The remaining system stays operational

High‑voltage modules
The rugged and powerful high‑voltage test systems allow DC testing up to 70 kV or 130 kV. The solid‑state high‑voltage transformer is absolutely maintenance‑free and short‑circuit proof. In addition a burning device of up to 14 kV burning voltage can be installed.
If space or weight limits are an issue, a multi‑purpose unit might be the answer. It could include for example a surge generator and a DC‑testing device. The multi‑purpose unit for fault locating and cable testing with DC or VIF consists of a versatile basic equipment and various additional units, that can adapt to the respective technical requirements. The advantage is a smaller system with the same performance features as a full‑size test van.
The high‑voltage surge generators supply a continuously adjustable voltage of 0 ... 2 / 4 / 8 / 16 / 32 kV as well as single pulse or repetitive surge release. The surge energy can, system dependant, amount from 1000J to 3500J.
Our sheath testing and fault location devices permit the prelocation and pinpointing of sheath faults of up to 5 kV and sheath testing of up to 10 kv.

Automatic Control Unit NSF 7‑3 and NSF 7‑1 (semiautomatic) Automatic control unit with manual operation via one or three turn‑push‑levers for the mains interlock and to operate the medium and high‑voltage switch HMK 70‑3. With circuit breaker, mains‑voltmeter, key‑operated main switch and display elements for the safety circuit according to VDE 0104.

Automatic Control Unit NSF 10
Automatic system control (3‑phase) with an SF6 insulated HV‑switch.

Ref lectometer Teleflex M
The Teleflex M is a modern, computerized reflecto­meter for fault location in power cable networks. The menu‑driven operation and the automated testing cycles provide an especially easy handling.
The received test data can be printed out directly via a connected printer or filed and analysed with the databank software Winkis.


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