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Millennium Series Power Inverters

Output Voltage (VAC)
120 RMS ±5% (Model 24/5600 is
120/240 VAC standard)

Output Frequency:
60 Hz ± 0.05%

Output Waveform: Quasi‑sine wave, with proprietary
waveform stabilizer circuit 11 to 14 for 12V model

Operating Temperature: ‑200 to 400 C (00 to 1040 F

Efficiency: Up to 92%

Other Design Features:
• Thermally‑controlled cooling fan
• GFCI outlet protection
• Enclosed AC and DC cable connections
• Remote ON/OFF switch hookup
• LED for Inverter Power, Low Input Voltage, High Temperature, & Overload
• Battery voltage indicator with push‑to‑test
• Optional Battery Charger "Bi" and Transfer Relay or "Ti"
• "D" Option ‑ Dual Output Voltage (120/240 VAC)
• Optional Remote Control "R"

Unit Protection:
• Automatic electronic short circuit/overload protection
• Automatic high temperature shutdown
• Output circuit breakers


Battery Protection:
Automatic low battery shutdown at
10.5 VDC for 12V model; 21 VDC for24V model (with in‑rush delay

Any 120 VAC, 60 Hz single phase product within the does not require a pure sine waveform.

Warranty: Full year parts and factory labor (with Advance Replacement Program)






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