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Power Quality Metters

The D2K‑MNETIII PC TOOL a utility program that can help user to connect to "D2K‑MNETIII Power Meter" rapidly. The D2K‑MNETIII PC TOOL, provided with every D2K‑MNETIII meter, allows easy access to all meter setup information and actual values via a personal computer running Windows 95/98 and one of the PC's communication ports‑COM1 or COM2. The user can:

• Program/Modity setup information
• Load/save setup information files from/to disk
• Read actual "Basic" value (current/voltage/power/frequency)
• Read actual "statistics" value (maximum/minimum/time of maximurN/time of minimum)

The "D2K‑MNETIII PC TOOL" can be used "stand‑alone", without a D2K‑MNETIII meter, to create or edit D2K‑MNETIII meter setup information files.