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Telephone's Post

Proven, clean, fixed, long-lasting

For six decades, pressure-treatment with waterborne chromated copper arsenate (CCA) has protected poles against termites and decay. The treatment leaves wood clean-to-the-touch, so CCA poles are a good choice where contact with skin or clothing is likely. They are neighbor-friendly.

Because CCA fixes to the wood, there is virtually no preservative movement out of the pole or within it. This means that there is not a need for groundline remedial treatment of aging poles. Nor is it necessary to rotate poles when they are stored for long periods.

Furthermore, CCA poles from Ace Pole are treated with oxide formulation that results in low conductivity and low corrosivity. The low conductivity protects against the effects of current leakage and increases the safety of line workers; low corrosivity means no corrosion problems with galvanized bolts, screws, and steps.

A large inventory is maintained under conditions that show respect for poles. Gravel covers the entire yard keeping poles free of mud and sand. Poles, placed on timbers to keep them off the ground, are stacked in orderly, squared-off piles.

Poles are pressure-treated with Wolman® preservative, an oxide formulation of CCA type C, in a treating area that exceeds government regulations. We use EPA requirements as our minimum standard.

Custom designed lifts have tines that end with rollers, rather than wedges, to reduce damage to poles during handling.

Every order is delivered by boom truck; we led the industry in boom unloading. We build our own trailers and boom unloaders. Every truck in our fleet is less than four years old to provide shipment you can depend on.


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