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The Elk River DescendorTM is a controlled‑descent device for use in conjunction with an Elk River Bosun's Seat, Tree Saddle, or saddle‑type full body harness as a worker positioning tool. (Note: A fall‑rated carabiner such as Elk River's P/N 17143 auto‑twist lock carabiner is required to attach the DescendorTM to the Bosun's Seat or Tree Saddle.)

Constructed of cast aluminum proof‑tested to 5,000 pounds  this unique device provides a controlled rate of descent or full stop at finger‑tip control. The DescendorTM is designed
to be used with Elk River's 1/2' solid braid nylon DescendorTM rope for Suspension (SIJ) and Positioning (P0) in such trades as construction, forestry, and window washing
where repositioning at different heights is required.

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Descendor Rope

1/2" solid brayd nylon rope. Each en d is formed in a loop with steel thimble and with two aluminium sleeves, 5000 pounds breaking strenght.




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Descendor Carry Bags

• Shoulder straps , Zipper, Blue , Nylon .

• Fits rope lenghts 25` 50` 75`100`150`200`.


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Lanyard and Work Position Straps

Anchorage Lanyard
The Anchorage Lanyard is designed to be wrapped around a 5,000 lb. anchor and connected back to itself via an adjustable dee ring. Should the user fall, the force is reduced with a built­in shock absorbing pack. The anchorage lanyard may be ordered in lengths greater than six feet to allow the user to wrap to the anchor point and still have freedom of movement. A green nylon web tube is used to protect against abrasion.

Rebar Assembly
Polyester webbing rebar assembly features the easy to use Model 1706 locking snaphooks. The locking rebar snap has a 2 1/4" gate opening. The 1" polyester webbing has a red warning center to indicate excessive wear or cuts, and is encased in a nylon tube to protect against abrasion (36" length). Please indicate desired length when ordering.

Adjustable Lanyard ‑ 1' X 6`
Adjustable polyes­ter web lanyard adjusts easily with a slide buckle. The webbing has a red warning center to indicate excessive wear. Available in lengths from 4' to 10'.

Woven Nylon Work Postioning Strap
Woven Nylon Positioning Strap is the most pliable positioning strap manufactured. The center layers are a contrasting color to provide a visual cue to excessive wear or cuts. The slide buckle makes the woven nylon strap easy to adjust. Available in lengths of 5'8" to 10'.


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Pipe Repair System

Use for permanent repair or to extend the service life of piping.

Works on:
Any metal or plastic pipe:
• Copper
• Aluminum
• Galvanized Black Iron
• Stainless Steel
• Fiberglass
• Polyethylene Polypropylene and even PVDE.

Pressure to 400 PSI
Temperatures to 500° F
Recommended for use on pipes up to 18 inches in diameter.

Is used for:
• Routine and Emergency Leak Repair
• Hazardous Material Spill Control
• Structural Reinforcement
• Sealing Joints
• Rebuilding Thinning Wall
• Corrosion Proofing
• Abrasion Protection

Repairs in Hard to Reach Areas
Underwater Repairs

Is used by:
• Pulp and Paper
• HazMat Response
• Military
• Marine
• Irrigation
• Power Generation
• Facilities Maintenance
• Water/Wastewater
• Manufacturing
• Commercial Fishing
• Food Processing
• Pharmaceutical
• Automotive

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