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Buried Nonpressurized Splice Closure

The XAGA 1650 splice closure system provides a fast, simple way to seal and encapsulate telephone cable splices in nonpressurized. buried cable The XAGA 1650 sleeve is made of SuperSleeve material, which combines the strength and durability of composite design with proven heat‑shrink technology.

SuperSleeve material is composed of several layers of specially blended polymers and adhesives, a fiber reinforcing layer, and an aluminum moisture vapor barrier layer. The fiber‑reinforcing layer provides excellent mechanical strength, and eliminates the propagation of localized damage that can result from overheating or other errors in installation Once the XAGA 1 650 sleeve has been installed, the composite design of the SuperSleeve material provides superior mechanical protection from forces such as impact and abrasion.

The innovative Urethane Delivery System drives encapsulant into the core of the cable, providing protection superior to that of traditional poured urethane systems. The compact shape requires less than halt the encapsulant of other closures Filling is simple: no tunnel is required Re‑entry is fast and easy.

No special splice supporting procedures are needed for installation. Furthermore, up to three cables can enter each end using the adhesive‑coated branch‑off clip No special endplates or complicated cutting are required. The XAGA 1650 simply shrinks to tit and seal.

The XAGA 1650 Splice Closure System is available in diameters for cable sizes up to 2400 pair Extended length closures are also available to accommodate sheath openings up to 37 inches and for cable sizes up to 3600 pair.



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Aerial Closure

The TRAC system is a toolless re‑enterable closure for free‑breathing aerial applications. The closure consists of three main components. a central body and two end pieces. After splice preparation and bonding, two closure end pieces are placed over the cable. The central body is then closed over the end pieces and the splice to provide a secure cover. The body is locked in place by metal latches or bolts along its bottom.

Rugged protection
The unique convoluted design of the TRAC closure system provides both mechanical and environmental protection The TRACE extension kit accommodates long‑length applications by providing a single part for both maintenance and rehabilitation.

Quick installation
The TRAC closure and TRACE extension kits can be installed quickly and easily. All TRAC components are discrete: no time‑consuming modification of parts is required.

Simple handling
The end pieces incorporate our innovative gel material, which provides effective protection against water entry without tapes, mastic, clamps, or special tools. The TRAC system performs both venting and draining functions without additional components or labor.

Versatile design
Just a few sizes of the TRAC aerial closure accommodate cable containing up to 1,800 pairs, greatly reducing inventories. The closure is designed to handle straight and branch configurations It is easily re­enterable, and is recommended for use on polyethylene‑insulated cable jackets.

Bonding flexibility
The TRAC closure is compatible with bond clamps commonly used in local practice. Theproduct includes either RB (rigid) bonding, orSSB (strand‑supported) bonding.



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DSLink Modular Aerial Terminal Block System

The DSLink Aerial Terminal is a data‑rated 25‑Pair, upgradeable distribution terminal block system specifically designed to be housed in the popular 3M SLiCM and various other common aerial enclo­sures. individual drops and provides full access to all 25
sures. It will terminate and manage up to 25 pairs present in the terminal without permanently dedicating all pairs to the terminal location.

Channell provides a complete package of DSLink terminals factory installed in two sizes of the SLiCTM enclosure. The DSLink Aerial Terminal Block is also available as a stand alone device.



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DSLink Modular Terminal Block System

The DSLink Data‑Ready Modular Terminal Block System re‑engineers and pre‑provisions copper networks for rapid broadband data services delivery, increasing flexibility, future remote provisioning and providing significant long‑term competitive advantage. It is ideally suited for bridged‑tap removal and line testing in new installationsor 1W existing network upgrades.

The DSLink Terminal Block is equipped with Bridging Connectors that connect the CO/feeder side to the field/distribution side. The modular Mini‑Rocker Service Wire Modules utilize proven IDC technology and contain a high viscosity environ­mental sealing compound for maximum protec­tion against moisture intrusion and corrosion of the connection points.

The DSLink Service Wire Modules are available as either the finger‑operated Mini‑Rocker copper wire connector that will accommodate 26AWG to 22AWG (0.4mm to 0.63mm) solid copper wire connectors, or the Universal Service Wire Module intended for use with heavier gauge C or F drop‑wire from 24AWG to J8AWG (0.5mm to 1.02mm). The DSLink can be provisioned with any multiple of I ‑ 25 service wire modules as required for service delivery from the terminal.

• Data‑ready Category 5 rated, DSL compatible for rapid deployment of broadband services
• Provides "look both ways" test access points for ease of installation and testing without removing the customer's service wire
• Bridging connectors connect or disconnect the CO feeder side of the DSLink terminal block to the field side in one easy step
• Feeder and Distribution cables are isolated to enhance transmission quality and reduce signal interference
• Moveable ground bar permits sheath isolation for fault and segment testing
• Tested to comply with Telcordia Specification TR‑NWT‑000975

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Reenterable Encapsulant

Application and usage
• Resin and Catalyst compound must be mixed together before its pouring onto the plastic container
which covers a bundle of cable spices
• 20 minutes is enough for the completion of the encapsulizing job after the pouring of the mixed compounds are hardened and protect the container from the water or moisture
• When repairing the joint work of connected cable line, engineer can do the job efficiently in the order of disintegration of the container, rejointing or maintenance work and finally reencapsulization process which is mentioned above
• Packing is available any units(300g 2okgs)



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