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24-28 Terminals, Wall Mount

Versatile walL‑mount patch, splice and storage capabilities in 24‑ or 48‑termina­tion configurations. Panels combine cable manage­ment, slack storage and distribution into a single space‑saving unit. Engineered for low‑ and medium­density applications, provides maximum management and protection of valuable fiber optic cable and circuits at the edge of the network.

• Cable storage and bend radius control engineered into panels
• Separate lockable doors for service and customer access control
• Easy installation
• Large designation and labeling area for each circuit


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Indoor Cabinets, General Use

The Hendry general use cabinet is designed for housing electronic equipment and components in environments where debris, moisture and other contaminants may be a factor. This lockable cabinet is ideal for restricted‑access applications. For added security, all panels are attached with internal hard­ware. The cabinet includes two pairs of mounting rails that are fully adjustable from front to back. All surfaces can be removed to provide 360" access to installed equipment.

• Single flush latch with keyed lock
• Front and rear doors are keyed alike
• Neoprene gasket on all openings
• Removable heavy‑duty lifting eyes
Removable base plate allows for cable access through the bottom of the cabinet
• Ganging kit for joining cabinets
• Ventilated rear door and top panel come standard, order front door as an option


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Street Cabinets

From antennas through to the main switching centre or operation maintenan­ce centre, the product range covers all aspects of telecommunications and traffic guidance technology amongst other things. As a new, cost‑effective single wall out­door version for telecommunications dis­tribution cabinets, the Street cabinet serves to expand the tried and tested range.

Mounting plate with 19" adapter for flexible upgra­ding with 19" components, DIN rails or non‑standard devices.

In the enclosure with side door, accessories such as, for example, telecommuni­cations distributors or power supply components can be installed.

Simple Installation
Together with the enclosure, the GFP earth plinths available as accessories offer a complete system that is ready for installation. The compatibility of the fixing dimensions with plinths in accordance with DIN 43629 allows enclousures of existing installations to be replaced.

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The 08012 rack‑or wall‑mounted cabinet is designed as a security cover for electronic equipment and components. This lockable cabinet is ideal for restricted‑access applications.

• Cabinet can mount on a wall or onto either EIA or WECO style racks
• Welded, unitized construction
• Slam latch with keyed knob and padlock hasp
• Side cable entry holes are provided on 85' outside depth version only


Cabinet & hinged door
Standard finish
11‑gauge steel Polyurethane, textured powder coating.

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FTTx Distribution Cabinet

Telect F1Tx distribution systems emphasize circuit density, simple access for maintenance, security, and above all, flexibility to meet the wide variety of requirements that typify today's networks.

• The industry's most complete range of outside plant cabinet options
• Distribution solutions backed by more than 20 years of fiber optic product innovation
• Complete engineering and integration capabilities, as well as installation
• End‑user‑focused solutions that emphasize current demands and future requirements

Sample Solution ‑Hybrid Fiber Optic
Equipped with optical distribution modules and IDC feed‑through terminal blocks, this distribu­tion cabinet enables the termination of copper and fiber optic feeder cable in a single unit to help you transition to fiber‑to‑the‑home applications without abandoning traditional copper installations.

In one compact cabinet, users can terminate and deliver fiber optic and copper distribution cables to nodes, homes, businesses, or other premise locations. Meet the changing demands of today's networks with a hybrid copper and fiber optic design that provides optimal flexibility and advanced distribution capabilities.

• Options include patch trays, splitter trays, splice modules, and more
• Advanced cable management integrated throughout
• Configuration options: fiber hybrid: 288 optical subscriber points, 900 copper pairs ‑ Fiber optic only: 576 subscriber points

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Common Features
• The cabinets are compatible with the modules of the ORP‑3300 system that have their own fast‑type mounting system.
• Cables can be brought to the cabinets from both above and below
• Cabinets have wide pathways on both sides.
• Pathways have guiding supports for fibre tubes, pigtails and patch cords.
• Excess lengths of patch cord and pigtails can be stored in the wide pathways
• Material: powder‑painted steel plate

Cross‑Connection Cabinet ORP‑3301

• Space for 20 modules of the ORP‑3300 system
• Dimensions:
width 1000 mm
height 2000 mm
height 2000 mm depth 400 mm

Basic assembly:
• Frame
• Lockable double door
• Mounting and earthing plate for indoor and outdoor
cables ORP‑1 205, 2 pcs
• Mounting plate for indoor cables, 2 pcs
• Guiding support, 6 pcs

Wall Mounting Cabinet ORP‑3305

• Space for five modules of the ORP‑3300 system
• Can be stacked
• The bottom of the frame serves as s storage shelf for pigtails and patch cords
• Dimensions:
width 1000 mm
height 600 mm
depth 400 mm

Basic assembly:
• Wall mounting frame ORP‑1305
• Protection cabinet with lockable double door
• Mounting and earthing plate for indoor and outdoor cables ORP‑1205, 2 pcs
• Guiding support, 2 pcs

Wall Mounting Frame ORP‑3305
• Frame for five modules of the ORP‑3300 system


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